Your Vancouver Dentist Is Accepting New Patients

Downtown Dental is your Vancouver dentist who is here to help you achieve your goals. Thank you for considering us for your dental needs. Read on to discover what to expect as a patient of Downtown Dental.

What New Patients Should Expect

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At Downtown Dental, our dentists take the time to get to know our new patients. Our initial appointments last for approximately an hour so we can get to understand you, your mouth, and your oral health concerns. During your appointment, you’ll receive a comprehensive intra-oral and extra-oral examination and an iTero scan. There’s also plenty of time to chat about your dental history and any oral concerns you may have.

Our iTero scanner takes intra-oral and extra-oral photos to assess your teeth and gums. The iTero machine takes just three to four minutes to perform a full mouth scan.

The scan we take at your first appointment will provide the first image for our time-lapse film of your mouth. We’ll scan your mouth every year or so to see how your teeth are aging. These scans create a short movie that shows how your teeth are moving, whether your gums are receding, and whether there are any other areas of concern. It’s a great tool, because it provides an objective account of what’s happening in the mouth, and this can support your concerns or allay your fears.

We may perform X-rays on your first appointment, depending on how recently your last dental practitioner X-rayed your mouth. We take panoramic X-rays where necessary to give the most complete picture of your oral health.

After your appointment with the dentist, you’ll see a dental hygienist, who’ll teach you about maintaining good oral health.

Fee Guides

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Your Vancouver dentist allows the British Columbia Dental Association Fee Guide determine the rates for appointments and procedures. This is your guarantee our rates are always competitive and a good value for the money. We don’t inflate our rates to cover the cost of our dental practice or staff or to boost our profit margins. Any price increases are in line with increases noted in the annual fee guide, which considers yearly inflation and increasing labour costs.

Insurance at your Vancouver Dentist

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We accept almost all dental insurance plans. Our staff have a comprehensive understanding of these policies, making staff a great resource for our new patients. They will happily discuss your insurance coverage and how to make the most of your dental benefits.

If you don’t have dental insurance, your treatment may be covered through the British Columbia provincial dental program. These programs help alleviate the financial burden of essential dental care for qualifying residents of British Columbia without private dental insurance. You may be eligible if you receive income or disability assistance. This plan entitles you to basic dental services, including restorations, extractions, and preventative dental treatments, totalling up to $1,000 every two years. There is no cap on emergency dental work designed to alleviate pain for qualifying patients.

How We Bill

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For the convenience of our customers, we offer direct billing wherever possible. Through this payment system, we bill your dental insurance provider directly rather than billing you. We also handle all the insurance paperwork to save you time. With direct billing, you don’t pay your insurance company’s portion of your dental bills. You may need to pay a co-pay amount, depending on your insurance plan, but this amount is usually affordable.

If you have dental insurance, we can let you know before your treatment whether your insurance provider supports direct billing. Then you simply present your insurance information and photo ID to our office staff, and they’ll take care of the rest. If your insurance company doesn’t support direct billing, you’re responsible for the entirety of your bill. We can prepare a quote for you before any appointment to prepare you for the expense. Our quotes note what insurance companies cover and your eventual out-of-pocket fees so you know how much to expect back.

What Payments We Accept

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We accept cash payments and all major credit cards for all dental appointments and procedures. If you don’t have the money for the procedures you need, please talk to us about our payment plans. Available under certain circumstances, these plans ensure our customers with limited financial resources can receive the treatments they need, when they need them.

At Downtown Dental, we’re here to help. If you would like to make your first appointment or have any questions about our practice, please phone us on (604) 669-1111 or complete our online form.

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