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Dental Cleanings & Checkups At Your Dental Clinic Downtown

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At Downtown Dental, your dental clinic downtown, we take a gentle, patient-centered approach to general dentistry. We treat people the way we would treat our own families, meaning that we never over-treat — we simply give you all the options available and let you choose, with our guidance, the best treatment plan for achieving your healthiest smile. And, thanks to our convenient location close to the city’s financial core, we’re the perfect clinic to come to when you need a dental procedure during your workday.

Discover how Downtown Dental can have a positive effect on your oral health, quality of life, and attitude toward dental care.

Our Treatment Philosophy

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We believe every trip to the dentist should be convenient, comfortable, and of the highest value to our patients. Our gentle approach to dentistry means offering a relaxing, friendly environment that puts you at ease. We keep our appointments as short and as comfortable as possible, helping you schedule a general cleaning or filling during your lunch break, if necessary.

Dr. Esposito and Dr. Taheri have been practicing dentistry in Vancouver for over 20 years, and they’re just as excited about dentistry now as they’ve ever been. Our entire staff stays up-to-date on dental techniques, new technologies, and new materials  that can truly change people’s lives. Many people on our team have worked here a long time. The staff here at your dental clinic downtown consists of devoted professionals who know patients by name and are in-tune with each person’s needs, so they’re good at making people feel comfortable even when they’re nervous.

If you’ve been looking for a friendly, committed dental practice in the West End that puts you first at every appointment, look no further than Downtown Dental.

Become Part of the Downtown Dental Family

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Regular dental visits are essential to preventing tooth decay, detecting oral cancer, and maintaining a bright, healthy smile. At Downtown Dental, your oral health is our primary concern, and it starts with establishing a dental routine.

Each cleaning typically takes around 45 minutes, but we schedule one-hour appointments to give you plenty of time to discuss your dental goals and concerns. During your first visit, we’ll take a full set of X-rays and intraoral photos. Your dentist will also perform an extraoral exam, giving him a clear picture of your overall dental health.

Once we’ve completed your cleaning, filling, or restorative procedure, we’ll advise you on the best self-care practices you can implement at home. We can even recommend products to help address your unique dental issues.

Whether you’re visiting as a new or established patient, each appointment addresses your specific needs in a warm, caring environment. Our dentists take a gentle approach to dentistry that reduces discomfort, so even if you’ve developed a fear of the dentist following an upsetting experience, the staff at Downtown Dental is focused on putting you at ease from start to finish.

The Importance of Regular Cleanings

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While it’s nice to know we offer an extensive list of services that can restore and whiten your smile, it’s important to schedule regular dental cleanings that can help you avoid the need for more extensive procedures.

During a cleaning, your hygienist removes any plaque or stains that are discoloring your teeth, leaving you with a brighter smile. This cleaning also addresses any gum issues, which can prevent gum disease and early tooth loss. In fact, did you know there’s a strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular health? Getting a regular cleaning twice a year not only prevents gum disease but also reduces your chances of having a heart attack.

Regular cleanings also allow your dentist to detect early signs of problems like fractures or broken fillings. Addressing these problems early is typically more cost-effective than waiting until you need more extensive restoration work, so consider your dental cleanings an investment.

Services Offered

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Downtown Dental is a full-service dental office located in Vancouver’s West End. Our staple procedures and services include the following:




Dental Imaging

Dental Implants

Invisalign® Treatment

Teeth Whitening

Protective Mouthwear

We use our dental technology to get a clear picture of your oral health, identify concerns, and create treatment plans designed to give you back your healthy smile.

Our digital X-rays use up to 90-percent less radiation than outdated technology, and you can easily view your own images on our monitor without waiting for them to develop. With our iTero intraoral scanner, you can see the condition of your teeth like never before. At Downtown Dental, we invite you to be an active participant in your oral health, viewing all the data and images alongside us to help you make the best decision when it comes to general, restorative, or cosmetic procedures.

Whether it’s been a while since your last cleaning or you’re looking for a new dentist in the West End, give us a call. Downtown Dental is here to make your experience with the dentist a positive one.

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