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At your downtown Vancouver dental clinic, we are proud to take our patient-centered approach to the next level using our dental technology. Our dental equipment allows us to work quickly and more efficiently, not only giving us a clearer picture of your oral health but also making each visit more comfortable for our patients.

When you receive care at Downtown Dental, you can rest assured that Dr. Esposito, Dr. Taheri, and the rest of the staff are doing everything to enhance the quality, fit, and affordability of your dental care.

Digital x-rays

Up to 90% less radiation than before (which was already very low). No more miniature x-rays — you can easily view them on our monitor — and no more waiting for them to develop.

Intra-oral cameras

Now you can see the condition of your teeth the way we do. It is otherwise difficult for you to know what we are talking about. This camera allows you to be a more active participant in your own dental health.

Laser Cavity detection

This equipment enables us to find small cavities substantially earlier than with older methods of detection and means that we can often do very small fillings, often without anesthetic, to avoid the necessity of a larger filling.

Laser Gum therapy

Gum disease is likely the most common chronic infection in our body. Incorporating Laser Gum therapy into our therapy can reduce the need for costly and uncomfortable gum surgery.

The Wand

This computer-controlled anesthetic delivery system allows us to isolate and numb the tooth we are working on, and prevent you from suffering the full tongue numbness that makes it difficult to talk and eat after your appointment.

iTero Scanner at your Downtown Vancouver Dental Clinic

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At your downtown Vancouver dental clinic we believe in being as efficient and effective as we can be. The iTero intraoral scanner helps us achieve this goal. It can complete a full mouth scan in less than 5 minutes, giving your dentist an accurate impression of your current oral health.

iTero is a great provider in 3D digital dentistry. The scan involves a radiation-free laser and renders a digitally perfect image of your entire mouth. This allows us to view a digital 3D model of your teeth and have a clearer picture of how to pursue any general or cosmetic dentistry procedures.

We complete the iTero scan as part of every new-patient exam and at annual intervals for established patients. Ongoing scans give us a time-lapse “movie” of your teeth and gums, capturing how they move and change with age. No other technology to date has been as beneficial in keeping track of subtle changes, and we offer it right here in downtown Vancouver.

Panoramic Dental X-Rays

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In addition to the intraoral scanner, Dr. Esposito and Dr. Taheri can get a more complete picture of your oral health here at your downtown Vancouver dental clinic, by using a panoramic dental X-ray. These X-ray machines aren’t meant to show fine details such as cavities, but they can show issues like fractures, impacted teeth, fractures, bone abnormalities, tumors, and infections.

Your dentist will take a panoramic dental X-ray anytime he suspects an underlying problem. He may also order an X-ray to plan for cosmetic dental procedures such as implants or veneers.

Unlike the iTero intraoral scanner, a panoramic X-ray is completed outside the mouth. It consists of an imaging device mounted on an arm that can be manipulated in a semicircle around your face. The device takes X-rays while you hold a bite-blocker in your mouth.


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CEREC stands for “Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.” Essentially, a CEREC unit is a milling machine that uses 3D technology to scan your tooth, allowing your dentist to fabricate the new tooth according to your desired result.

Our CEREC milling machine makes it possible for patients to enjoy same-day crowns and bridges. The CEREC unit works with optimally synchronized software to grind and mill the teeth with absolute precision. The result is a smooth surface ready for dental restorations.

With the CEREC unit, multi-visit restorations are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Learn more about CEREC at Downtown Dental

Laser Gum Therapy

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Gum disease is one of the most common chronic infections in our bodies. Treating periodontal disease typically requires a procedure called scaling and root planning (SRP), which cleans surfaces of the teeth and any exposed roots using a non-surgical method. Other methods involve gum flap surgery, which is a more invasive procedure. Laser gum therapy, also called laser periodontal therapy, reduces the need for costly, uncomfortable gum surgery.

Fortunately, we utilize laser gum therapy quite often at Downtown Dental, which offers a range of benefits:

  • Less healing and recovery time.
  • Limited pain, swelling, and bleeding.
  • No general anesthetic required.
  • Precise targeting of the diseased areas.

During laser gum therapy, Dr. Esposito or Dr. Taheri will use a specially designed dental laser to remove any inflamed gum tissue from around the root of each tooth. Once the infected tissue is removed, your dentist will scrape off any built-up plaque from around the root and along the gumline. He’ll then smooth out the root to reduce the chances of any bacteria or future infections.

Your Downtown Vancouver Dental Clinic Offers Invisalign® Treatments

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Invisalign clear aligners are transparent, orthodontic devices that are essentially a form of plastic dental braces. Invisalign has been around for a while, giving us 20 years of research and the world’s largest 3D printing operation, but Invisalign technology has only gotten better. That’s why we are proud to offer this option at your downtown Vancouver dental clinic.

If you and your dentist determine that Invisalign is right for you, you’ll both sit down and go over a personalized treatment plan that involves a precise digital scan and a preview of your new smile. Your aligners are customized for you, and you’ll switch to a new set every one to two weeks as your dentist determines. The result is a straight, natural smile without the need for metal braces.

Thanks to our experience and equipment, the staff at Downtown Dental are able to offer the experience in dental care you deserve. Our Vancouver dentists are changing people’s lives one smile at a time, and we’d love to have you join us.

Learn more about Invislign treatment at Downtown Dental

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